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I'm Video Game Challenged

July 8, 2009
Nick loves video games.  Tay likes video games.  They both like a game called Mario Cart.  I thought it might be fun to learn so Nick decided to teach me this morning.  I posted on my facebook status that I was going to learn to play Mario Cart for the Wii.  I was wrong.  We were going to play MarioKart (with a “K”) for the Game Cube (is there a difference?).
So, I head down to the basement and I watch Nick play.  He’s good.  I have no idea what he’s doing but when he finishes he hands me the controller and rattles off a few instructions.  Okay then.  3, 2, 1, START and I’m off.  Nick is guiding me — “stay on the road”,  “don’t hit that”, “use your items”.  Hmmmm….  I didn’t stay on the road.  I did “hit that” many times.  And I had no idea what the items were, what they were used for, and when I should use them.  I also ran into a cactus, was swallowed by quicksand, got sucked up in a tornado, and was struck by lightening.  At one point Nick tells me not to get eatten by a chompy thing.  He then decides that might be my best option.  He also decided he might never ride in a car with me again.  :)
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