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We're Back!

July 23, 2009


Well, we’ve actually been back for a while. We’ve just been busy – with important things like Facebook, Farmtown, and Farkle – so I haven’t had time to sit and blog. :)

Earlier this year we weren’t sure what was going to happen with Brian’s job. He works for a bank that got bought by another bank and people were losing their jobs. Thankfully, he still has his job (yay!). Anyhoo…because of this we decided that we would not take a vacation this year. Instead we would do a “staycation”. A “staycation” is when you stay home and do fun local things. We did start our week with a short road-trip but then spent the rest of the week doing fun things close to home.

Day 1: We drove to my parent’s house to drop our dog off. My mom was out of town for a few days and my dad had agreed to watch Shadow for a couple of days (or my mom agreed for my dad to watch Shadow for a couple days, I’m not really sure…). Then we headed to Brian’s parent’s house to spend the night. My mother-in-law has some friends who wanted to meet us (because she talks about how awesome we are all the time, I’m sure) so they stopped by for a bit and we had a nice time sitting outside and getting to know them.

Day 2: Road-trip to Columbus. The plan for this day was Gameworks & swimming at the hotel. We arrived at Gameworks in time for lunch. Usually the food at amusement type places isn’t the best but this lunch was great. We had to laugh when Brian got cheese on his sandwich and was charged $1.49 for the one slice! Yikes! After lunch we had fun playing video games. I played some kind of drum game with Nick. I’m not great at video games and was worse than usual at this one because the instructions were in Japanese. Oh, well… Next, we headed to the hotel. We decided to swim & then order pizza for a late dinner. We were excited to have the pool all to ourselves – until we got in and discovered it was c-c-cold! Ugh! And the hot tub was broken. Bummer. :(

Day 3: COSI. We had fun roaming around COSI. My favorite is the “Progress” exibit. You travel back in time and see what life might have been like in 1898 & 1962. Tay wasn’t sure about the “Space” exibit or the special “Egypt” exibit but ended up loving both. We all loved watching rats play basketball!  It was a LONG trip home from Columbus as we had to swing by and pick up the dog. He was happy to see us. :)

Day 4: We slept in (yay!) and then spent the afternoon at the Newport Aquarium. Tay & Nick got to pet a shark. :) We ate dinner at one of our favorite places – Don Pablos. Nick actually tried something mexican. Tay stuck with her mexican chicken strips & fries. :)

Day 5: We slept in (again!) and then spent the afternoon bowling. What fun! We met a young man who is on a bowling team at Ohio State. He was practicing in the lane next to us. He’s going to school on a bowling scholarship! Cool. We’ve decided to take our kids bowling several times a week now! LOL! :) We were going to spend the evening at Kings Island but ended up hanging out there for only an hour or so. It was just too crowded and it’s just not much fun when you’re spending all your time waiting in lines. So, we got some dippin’ dots (yum!) and headed home.

Day 6: We slept in (doesn’t this sound like a great vacation – sleeping in every day!) and then spent the afternoon at the Creation Museum. Wow! What a GREAT place. We hope to go back again sometime. Nick ended the day by going to see the Harry Potter movie with a friend.

Day 7: We slept in (LOL!) and then spent the afternoon at Trader’s World. You might be a redneck if you spend the last day of your vacation at the flea market! :) When I was “googling” ideas for our vacation, Traders’ World came up as a local attraction. We thought it would be fun – and it was. One man’s trash is another’s treasure! Tay got some cool toe socks she’s been looking everywhere for! Nick ended the day by going skating and sleeping over at a friend’s house.

All in all, we had a great week of family fun. It was nice to have a week with no schedule or times to do anything. We just enjoyed being together – and Tay was thrilled the couple times we let Nick go off with his friends! :) Now life is back to “normal” – whatever that is! I’m pretty sure “normal” includes a mountain of laundry! :)

(pictures coming soon!)

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