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Boredom List

September 4, 2009

Tay loves to make lists.  The other day I found this one.  I assume it’s a list of things she made of things to do when she’s bored.  I think it might be working as I haven’t seen “Taylor is bored.” as her facebook status in quite a while.  If you’re bored you might want to give these a try! :)

Boredom List

1.  Side-walk chalk

2.  Volleyball

3.  Electric scooter

4.  Bike riding

5.  Basketball

6.  Tennis

7.  board games

8.  tan

9.  facebook

10.  club penguin

11. read

I’m surprised #9 wasn’t #1.  The girl loves her some facebook. :)

#8?  Hmmmm….with the mild summer we had none of us got tans.  Just the other day she was saying how nice a spray-tan would be!  LOL! :)









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