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Volleyball Hour

October 5, 2009

Earlier this eveing Tay said she thought it was a good night to be outside.  It was.  Brian asked her what she wanted to do and she said “volleyball”.  I piled the supper dishes in the sink (where they still sit) and headed outside to meet them in the street for volleyball. 

Tay will be playing on a volleyball team later this year and is still in the early stages of learning the game.  Brian and I shared our volleyball knowledge with her.  After she learned those three things, we just practiced hitting the ball around.  For an hour.

Occasionally, Tay would get the giggles.  She would laugh so much she couldn’t hit the ball.  She’s hoping this doesn’t happen during one of her games.  She fears losing the game for her team and getting kicked off the team.  All because of the giggles.  I’m sure she’ll be fine.  Afterall, she’s decided that we should play one hour of volleyball twice a week.  If that’s the case, I really should learn more about the game.  :)

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