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October 18, 2009

My cousin’s wife, Kelly, makes the best brownies.  Everyone loves them.  I’m lucky enough to have her recipe but for some reason cannot get them to turn out as yummy as she can. 

Last week I made them for a party I had.  They were dry.  :(

Tonight I made them for church.  I cooked them a few minutes less than last week to try and keep them nice and moist.  They looked good.  Until I poured the frosting on.  They have this wonderful fudgy frosting.  Today the frosting didn’t look wonderful.  Or fudgy.  I wasn’t sure about taking them.  So I didn’t.  But Brian did….

The kids and I stayed home as we’re all still feeling a bit yucky.  Brian & the brownies went to church.  I told him I wasn’t sure about them.  He asked why I keep making them.  I guess I have high hopes that one day I will master them.  I’m afraid of what they might taste like tonight.  Isn’t there always one dish at these things that’s gross?  It might be my brownies tonight.  I told Brian if they were bad he should just pretend he didn’t bring them.  I told him that if they’re really bad I was willing to sacrifice the pan — he can just walk away like he had nothing to do with them.  I think next time I’ll pick up something at the bakery!

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