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I got nothin'…

December 2, 2009

I can’t believe I haven’t posted since November 18.  Where did the time go?  Is it really December?  I really don’t have much to share or entertain you with today.  But, if I don’t post, it’ll look like my blog has problems and then I’ll hear from a hundred (or two) of you that something is wrong.  So, I thought I’d just say “hi”.  So, “hi” (Mom & Jackie – LOL!). 

I can’t believe I didn’t even pop on to say “Happy Thanksgiving”.  So, “Happy Thanksgiving”.  We had a fun day at my in-laws’.  Even got to see my BFF Sarah and her family for a couple of hours.  Fun times. 

Brian & I are going out on a date tonight.  Yes, we know it’s Wednesday.  Wednesday is the new date night, haven’t you heard?  LOL!  Both kids have practice at church so we thought we’d grab something to eat.  Tay asked where we were going.  I said I didn’t know and asked her where she thought we should go.  She suggested we go Christmas shopping.  She’s always thinking.  :)

Speaking of Christmas shopping (yes, we were)….I guess I better get on that, huh?  But for now, it’s back to the laundry.  ugh! :)

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