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December 4, 2009

The fifth grade just finished their huge state reports.  They have to research many things about the state of their choice (any state except Ohio) and put together a binder and a final project.  Then they have to give an oral presentation to the class.  Tay’s project is awesome and I’ll take a picture when she brings it home.  The oral presentations started today (she hasn’t gone yet).  I asked her what kinds of things the kids had done and she says most did collages or shadow boxes.  I wondered if anyone did food (when Nick was in 5th grade a lot of kids brought food from their state).  Apparently one kid did…

Me:  Did anyone bring food?

Tay:  Yes, A****** brought baked beans but I didn’t have any.  I wish J*** hadn’t had any.

Me:  Why?

Tay:  Gassy.

LOL!  :)

**Names changed to protect the child serving the beans and the gassy one.  :)

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