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Book Fair

December 16, 2009

I spent most of last week here:

The book fair.  I love the book fair.  Actually, I love books.  Bookstores, libraries, or book fairs.  Doesn’t matter.  They’re all good.  :)

Anyhoo…it was a fun (long) week.  There were lots of sweet kids coming in drooling over everything…mostly over the “junk” (pencils, erasers, etc.).  We had to guide them away from these things and towards the reason for the fair – the BOOKS.  In addition to all these sweet kids there were a few, ummm…less than sweet kids.  :)  I worked the late shift on Thursday and someone obviously forgot to tell me that it was “bring your horribly behaved children” night at the fair.  LOL!  There was whining, crying, sassing….but I eventually got myself pulled together.  :)

Another interesting thing happened.  We were robbed.  Apparently two little first graders helped themseves to some pens & erasers.  One boy and his dad arrived early one morning and the dad had the boy approach me and tell me what he had done.  He returned the pen he took, apologized, and then made a nice donation to the fair (not sure if it was Dad’s money or his).  As they walked out of the room I heard the dad ask the boy if he felt better.  I’m guessing the guilt just got to be too much for him so he told what he had done.  Somehow the items the other boy took made their way back to the fair but we never did hear from that boy.  In an interesting turn of events someone came to the fair and purchased these stolen items to give to the boy who stole them (the 2nd boy, not the 1st one).  Well, it was all I could do not to go all “Dr. Phil” on the person!  Really?  In what world is giving the kid the items he stole a good idea?  What lesson is learned there?  Where are the consequences for this kid’s actions?  I’m all for forgiveness but I just don’t see how rewarding him with the stolen items is teaching him anything.  I hope there is more to this story than I realize.  I worry about that kid!  I’m guessing boy #1 will never steal again….not so sure about boy #2.  What a shame. 

Anyhoo…now that the crazy busy book fair week is over & all the final paperwork has been submitted life can slow down just a bit….or not!  Now it’s onto the crazy busy getting ready for Christmas week.  Oh, and one of my mother-in-law’s gifts has been the hardest gift I’ve ever had to shop for…but that’s a post for another day!  :)

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