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Snow Day

January 5, 2010

Today is the first “Snow Day” of the school year.  There were many phone calls this morning leading up to this…

Call #1:  Nick’s school is on a one hour delay.  I begin to plan how I can manage getting Tay to school & Nick to the bus.

Call #2:  Tay’s school is NOT on a delay and they are NOT closed.  We’re told to use our best judgement and stay safe.  My best judgement on how to stay safe is to hibernate till spring. 

Call #3:  Brian telling me that the main road outside our sub-division is bad and it took him forever to get to the highway.

Call #4:  Nick’s school is on a two hour delay.  We discover at this time that Fairfield schools have closed.  Tay’s school is in Fairfield but they’re still not delaying or closing.  Brian thinks I should just keep her home.  I think I’ll take her late.  Still trying to figure out how to get them both where they need to go and still use my best judgement & stay safe. 

Call #4:  Brian calling to tell me that he made it to work.  The highway was fine but the side roads are bad – here & in Dayton. 

Call #5:  Nick’s school has closed due to the roads not improving.  So, at this point the district we live in AND the district Tay’s school is in are both closed.  Nick has a snow day and it is decided that Tay will stay home too! 

Call #6:  A “toll-free” sales call.  At 8:15 in the morning?  Really?

When Tay finally got out of bed she had no idea what was going on.  She thought it was a one hour delay.  She’s happy with a day off but not so happy with the thought of make-up work.  Oh, well…I’m sure it’ll be worth it if she gets to try out that new sled she got for Christmas!  :)

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