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Snow Day, Take 2

January 7, 2010

All week long the kids (and many other kids, I’m sure) have been anticipating a snow day today – and they’re hoping for one tomorrow.  The weathermen (and women) have been warning us for a week about a big snowfall today.  Last night most of the schools went ahead and called a 2 hour delay so they’d have time this morning to see what was going on and close if needed.  Thankfully, Tay’s school followed the crowd this time around.  No one was disappointed this morning when the calls came in the school was closed.

Brian’s working from home today.  He’s wearing flannel pants & a sweatshirt.  It’s “casual Thursday”. 

The kids met up with some neighborhood kids this morning for sledding & playing in the snow.  They came in to change and Nick headed next door to play video games.  Tay warmed up for a while and then headed back out for more sledding.  Two very frozen girls (Tay & her friend Nicole) just came to the door and asked for cups, spoons, and snow cone syrup.  They’re making real snow cones for everyone.  Fun!

As for me, I’m enjoying this lazy day at home.  I’ve tossed in some laundry and loaded the dishwasher but mostly I’ve been reading & messing around on the computer.  I finished a great book that Nick also read.  It’s been fun talking to him about the book as I’ve been reading it.  It’s a three book series & the third book doesn’t come out until August!  I have no idea how we’ll wait that long to find out what happens!  I love a good book. 

Will we be lucky enough to get a four day weekend?  We’ll see….  If the kids are off tomorrow maybe I’ll tackle my closet or the tupperware (well, “plastic container”, I’m too cheap for tupperware) cabinet.  Or maybe I’ll just enjoy another lazy winter day!  :)

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