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2 Hour Delay

January 8, 2010

No snow day today….boo!  We did have a 2 hour delay.  Now you would think with a 2 hour delay one would have a lot of “extra” time in the morning.  Well, we found out that isn’t always the case…

You may not sleep well and not get up early enough to have any “extra” time.

You may discover on the way out the door that your daughter is wearing jeans and a t-shirt and cannot find her hoodie.  You also may just let her wear a t-shirt to school in the dead of winter because you have no “extra” time to spare.

You may almost lose it when your daughter asks (as you’re walking out the door) where her lunchbox is.  You might remind her that it’s Friday and pizza day.  She might remind you that she only orders pizzas and needs “sides”.  Ugh!

You may grab and empty lunchbox and fill it with a bottle of water that is in your car and chips from the vending machine at school.  You may also grab some fruit snacks from the vending machine.  Fruit snacks do count as a serving of fruit, don’t they?

You may discover as you’re sitting in the car waiting for your son’s bus that he was supposed to bring a picture of your family to school today.  Why is he just now telling me this?

You may tell your son that he’s out of luck for today and can take a picture to school on Monday.  However, the more you think about it the more you realize that you probably don’t have any pictures of your family together.  Well, there are a few from the Disney trip a couple of years ago.  You might plan to try out the timer on your camera this weekend during a family photo shoot.  You’re sure your family will be thrilled with this idea.  :)

Your son’s bus might acutally arrive on time and then you may be surprised that the roads on the way to your daughter’s school are a bit slick (wasn’t the 2 hour delay supposed to take care of that?). 

You might finally make it to your daughter’s school and think the rest of the day is going to be a piece of cake compared to your morning.  You’d probably be wrong…  :)

The rest of your day is filled with a killer workout, a last minute notice of a school event that parents can attend for which you have 20 minutes to shower & leave for (and you’ll be the only parent that shows), a quick trip home for lunch, picking up your daughter, getting son from bus, quick trip home, taking son for haircut (which he does not want), a painful backache, searching for IZZE, home to make pizza, quick trip to store for volleyball snacks, washing volleyball uniform, loading dishwaher, folding & putting away laundry, blogging,….and who knows what else! Thank goodness it’s Friday! 

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