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January 9, 2010

IZZE (pronounced ih-zee) is the brand name of a line of carbonated juice drinks produced by the IZZE Beverage Company in Boulder, Colorado, which is owned by PepsiCo.  The drinks consist of 70% fruit juice from concentrate, and seltzer water.

Until two days ago I had never heard the word IZZE.  In the past two days I’ve heard it 563 times.  It’s been researched online & discussed more than any other topic (other than Hawaii, which was a school project) in the past 6 months.  Our neighbor had one and sparked the great IZZE search of 2010.  Tay HAD to have one.  Can we get an IZZE?  Will you take me to get an IZZE?  I hope they have IZZE.  IZZE.  IZZE.  IZZE.  Come to find out, Nick has had IZZE.  At school.  They make a “fortified” version that’s approved for schools.  He confirmed that they are worth all the hype. 

Since I’m such and awesome mom (and not above bribery) I decided that I would take the kids out in search of the IZZE on Friday.  AFTER Nick got a haircut.  Nick didn’t want his hair cut.  He NEEDED a haircut.  Five minutes at his school will tell you that the “shaggy mess” is the hairstyle of choice for teenage boys.  However, when you begin to look through your hair like a sheepdog it’s time for a trim.  I did not want him going back to the barber shop.  They’re great with clippers but not so great with scissors & long hair.  They pretty much cut a straight line across the bangs & ears and you leave looking like a little Amish boy (not that there’s anything wrong with that….well, except the fact that we’re not Amish).  I offered to take him to the salon Tay & I go to.  Our girl is hip & cool and she could surely do something with his mop of hair.  Nope.  He didn’t want to go there.  I found a place that only cuts men & boys hair and has a cool sports theme so we decided to go there.  I told the girl he didn’t want a haircut.  And that I didn’t want him to look like an Amish boy.  She totally knew how to cut the messy mop that’s so big with the teen crowd.  She did great and of course I followed through on my end of the bribe bargain….off to look for IZZE.

First stop Starbucks.  They have them in Blackberry & Clementine.  They want Clementine but not Blackberry so we walk down to this noodle place.  They have Blackberry & Grapefruit.  They don’t want those.  We go back to Starbuck’s and get the two flavors they have there.  And a caramel brulee coffee.  :)  We They couldn’t wait to get home to try them.  Were they everything they thought they’d be and more?  I think they were.  Now begins the great quest to try all the other flavors.  I think we’ll start looking in about four weeks.  Just about the time Nick will need another haircut.  :)

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