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International Studies

January 20, 2010

Each year Tay’s school does “International Week”.  Every class studies a different country and then they take turns “traveling” around the world learning about various countries.  So far she’s done Japan, Greece, Israel, Australia, and Norway. 

Here’s a conversation from the ride home from school today…

Tay:  Mrs. C’s class is studying Mongolia and she wants all of us to write a paragraph about it.

Me:  Is your class studying the United States?  (I remembered that the USA was Mrs. R’s country in past years)

Tay:  Yes.  It’s gonna be boring.

Me:  Why do you say that?

Tay:  Cause we already know everything about it.  If we’re gonna study a boring country we should do one like Canada.  I mean the only thing I know about Canada is that their bacon is really ham. 

LOL!  She cracks me up!  :)

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