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You Can Be (almost) Anything

January 23, 2010

The other night we were talking with Nick about what he might want to be when he grows up.  He had a class last quarter that explored different careers and the job outlook for each one.  He had fun exploring different options. 

Through the years there have been various things he’s mentioned he might like to do.  When he was little (and we had visited the doctor) he thought he might like to be a doctor.  When I was doing some marketing research taste tests he thought he might like to be a “taste tester”.  I reminded him about his desire to be a doctor.  He decided he could be a doctor AND a taste tester.  :)  One day while out driving we saw some men picking up large tree branches and turning them into mulch.  He thought it might be fun to be a “mulch maker”.  I was thrilled at that thought since the education would be much cheaper than a doctor.  LOL! 

In the past few years his career interests have changed.  He’s mentioned things like Video Game Designer, Video Game Tester – are we seeing a theme here – and even youth pastor (we’ll see if God calls him in that direction over the next few years or not). 

Anyhoo, we were talking about various careers and the demand – or not – for workers in those fields.  We reminded him that he could be whatever he wanted to be.  Well, anything but a ballroom dancer.  Or a gymnast.  Or an opera singer.  Yes, follow your dreams and be all that you can be…as long as it’s not a dancer, a gymnast or an opera singer.  Or a figure skater. 

A couple days later Nick & I were laughing about the things we’d rather he NOT be and he says we should add “underwear model” to the list.  So, to recap, we are encouraging him to be WHATEVER he wants to be – as long as it’s not a ballroom dancer, gymnast, opera singer, figure skater, or underwear model.  LOL!  

Follow your dreams Nick!  Follow your dreams!  :)

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