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Heard Around the House

January 28, 2010

Nick (to me, about how to spend his birthday money):  I can’t decide if I should get an iTouch or Rock Band.  I’m thinking I’ll get an iTouch and then I’ll get you Rock Band for your birthday.

ummm…thank you?


Tay (at bedtime last night):  I read this every night.  (“this” is her Bible that she’s holding up)

Me:  You do?

Tay:  Yes, starting tonight!



This morning before school…

Nick:  Do you know why glue doesn’t stick to the inside of the bottle?

Me:  No.  Why?

Nick:  Because they suck all the air out.  Do you know why water makes your clothes darker even though it’s clear?

Me:  No. Why?

Nick:  Because water absorbs light.

Me:  Did you learn this stuff in science class?

Nick:  No.  I learned it on YouTube. 

Why, oh why did we pay for so many years of private school?  A few hours a day on YouTube and they should be ready for college, don’t you think?

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