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Raw Food

February 8, 2010

One of these days I’ll finally get around to writing a post about my goals for this new year.  One of them is to eat healthier.  Seems to be the goal of many.  Several of the blogs I like to read have been talking about healthy eating and a couple are even doing a “Raw Food” program.  Their diet consists of mainly fruits & veggies.  They eat tons of bananas and other fruit and lots of fresh veggies.  I’m not sure I could go totally “Raw Food Low-Fat Vegan” (whatever that is!) but I do need to eat more fruits & veggies.  I thought it might be fun to go “raw” for a few days and see what it’s like. 

Today was the day.  I started after I had coffee with chocolate caramel creamer.  I’m pretty sure chocolate caramel creamer isn’t on the raw food plan.

For breakfast I had two bananas.  I felt good for getting such a great start to the day.  Until lunchtime.  At lunchtime I had a plate of left-over chicken wings from our Super Bowl party.  With blue cheese.  I’m pretty sure chicken wings & blue cheese are not on the raw food plan. 

Oh good grief!  Can I not stick with this even 1/2 the day?!?!  I’m back on track now.  As I sit here blogging I’m munching on a baggie of frozen grapes.  I’ll let you know how things go with dinner!  :)

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