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Door to Door Salesman

March 9, 2010

At the entrance of our sub-division is a sign that says “No Outside Soliciting”.  It drives me insane when people come to my door trying to sell me something….books, the best cleaning product ever made, lawn-care services, or the best one yet – the boy not selling anything but just asking for money. 

My first question to these people is “Do you live in this neighborhood?”.  They never do.

My next question is: “Did you see the ‘no outside soliciting’ sign at the entrance to the neighborhood?”  They never do.

I then tell them how sorry I am, but I cannot buy from anyone who does not live in my neighborhood.  I’m simply following the rules.  LOL!

One or two ten times a year there will be neighborhood kids coming around selling things for school, church, sports, etc.  I love when they’re selling $1 candy bars.  I don’t love when they’re selling $20 wrapping paper!  I would buy $1 candy bar from every kid on the street.  I just can’t buy that much over-priced wrapping paper. 

Last year I decided to take a stand on fundraisers.  I was not going to let my kids sell things to the neighbors and I was not going to buy anything from the neighbors.  That went well until the boy next door came by selling popcorn.  For various reasons I could not say no to this kid.  I also couldn’t say no to Tay’s best friend on the street when she was selling pizza coupons.  Oh well, I tried. 

Seeing as how I cannot fully stick to my stand on fundraisers I have allowed Nick to go door to door selling things for the first time ever. 

He’s not selling $1 candy bars (which I still believe is one of the best things to sell) but he is selling something that’s not been sold on our street before – Butter Braids.  Yes, they cost more than a $1.  They also happen to be less than the $20 wrapping paper.  I wonder how he’s doing! 

Now, could someone tell me how “Girl Scout Cookie Time” came & went without one girl scout knocking on my door?  I would have to lift my ban on fundraising for a box or ten two of thin mints.  :D

Oh, and in case you’re wondering…he did not know I took his picture.  Sometimes having a blogging mom can be so embarrassing!  ;)

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  1. jean permalink
    March 10, 2010 1:14 am

    $1 candy bars are the best, but whatever Nick was selling I would buy. Hope he had some luck venturing out in your neighborhood. Poor fellow, for some reason I hate seeing them have to go door to door. Maybe they don’t mind, guess it is because I would not want to. One of the girls at work wanted me to buy pretzels or pizza from her daughter. I said sorry, I just bought several butter braids!!! And someone else was selling girl scout cookies at bunko, and the list is endless. I just try to keep up with the grandchildren’s fundraisers, unless someone is trying to sell $1 candy bars, that I will buy. Wow, think I got carried away with this reply?????

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