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Why Not??? — A Persuasive Letter

March 15, 2010

Tay had to write a persuasive letter at school today.  She wrote to us about why she should be allowed to stay up later at night.  When she got home she told me about the letter and that she didn’t really want to stay up later but she couldn’t think of anything else to write about.  After thinking things over a bit she realized what she should have written about and decided to do another letter.  When Brian got home tonight she handed us a rather lengthy letter.  With her permission, I share it with all of you….


Dear Mother and Father,

     I think that I’m old enough to have a mobile cell phone.  I think that if I had a mobile cellular device I would learn responsibility.  And think about this, if I got a mobile cellular device I could get it taken away for a punishment and that can help me learn to stay calm when I’m mad and want to scream because I don’t have what I want.  But just to let you know I do not scream over my mobile cellular device that I don’t have yet!  So I was thinking (like Lincoln) that if I got the cell phone for my birthday it would be the best gift for all of us.  Here is why I think that.  Well the mobile cellular device is free and all so you wouldn’t have to pay for it.  What parent in this world doesn’t like not paying for a birthday gift???  Yeah that’s what I thought!  And it is a good idea to have a mobile cellular device because now that I’m stayhing at home a lot more by myself I can call or text you or a legal guardian if I have a problem.  I’m thinking (like Lincoln) that maybe even if I had a cellular device I could go places more often with my friends and not worry because I would always know I have my cellular device in my purse and if something went wrong or if I get sick and can call you on my mobile cellular device and you can come pick me up.  And sometimes if you aren’t home and I’m at Nicole’s house I can call you and tell you that I’m at Nicole’s house and that I’m A Okay!  Oh yeah I just remembered that my phone will always be downstairs aat night so you don’t need to worry about me not sleeping because I’m texting.  you can most certainly check my text messages and I will be fine with that because I can guarantee you that they will only be to people I know and you know.  And if you are worried about paying the price of the phone you don’t need to worry your little (or big) socks off.  Because like I said the mobile cellular device product is free.  So I will only have to pay the monthly fee.  Which I can do because I am determined to start my chores again.  And I will not drop my phone in mud, rain, grass, the tub, the hot tub, the pond, oil, worms, or a bucket of sludge.  And I will not drop it on concrete because I will not text and walk.  Texting and walking at the same time may lead to some injuries.  Just ask Nicholas Steven Starr if you do not know what injuries are.  He is a person with 14 years of experience.  Oh and I know you are laughing right now.  Stop.  This is a serious paper about my mobile cellular device!  I am simply stating many reasons why I think I deserve it.  And I am not worried about what the guy at Best Buy said.  He doesn’t care about the happiness of little 11 year old girls.  Besides it is my first phone.  I don’t want a Black Berry or a Blue Tooth or a whatever.  I want an LG Neon which is meant for texting and that is most of what I’m going to do on my mobile cellular device!  So please think about this and look at the pictures posted on the next several pages.

 Your Daughter,

Taylor N. Starr

The next several pages had pictures of the phone she wants, a girl begging, someone saying “yes”, and then a smiley face.

The girl cracks me up!  She gets an A+ for effort!  :)

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  1. jean permalink
    March 16, 2010 10:18 pm

    Wow, what a great letter. She or you should submit this to her teacher in place of the other letter. Tay may grow up to be a lawyer!! She certainly can state her case well.

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