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Two Strange Men Were Following Me Today

March 21, 2010

I had to pick Taylor up from puppet team practice at 2:00 today.  As we were pulling out of the church parking lot an older man was near the main entrance and was waving for me to stop.  I rolled down my window to see what he needed and he said they were looking for a funeral.  They needed a different Church of God church.  I told them to head out of the parking lot, turn left at the light and the church would be down a ways on the right.  He verified what I had told him but I wasn’t 100% sure that he had it down so I told him to follow me since I was going that way.  I assured him that if they followed me out of the church and on down the road they’d see the church on the right. 

The church they were looking for is one of the largest in the area.  You can’t miss it.  If you’re on the right street that is.  You see as we’re heading down the road I got to thinking about the location of this particular church.  Had I just gotten so used to driving this road that I don’t even notice it anymore?  How could that be?  I begin to think that maybe the church isn’t on the road we’re on so I call Brian.  He tells me the location of the church.  It’s what I originally told the man.  Then Brian calls me back.  He remembered it’s not in that location.  I’m reassured that I’m not totally losing my mind but wondering how I’m going to get these men to follow me.  I’ve already almost lost them once when they got in a “right turn only” lane…since I had told them the church was on the right.  At this point they’re a couple of cars behind me.

I get to the road we need and get in the left turn lane.  I’m sure they think I’ve lost my mind at this point.  I never mentioned leaving that road.  Or turning left.  They obviously are very trusting as they noticed my crazy waving out the window and choose to get in the turn lane with me.  We make the turn and I notice they’re way behind me.  I’m thinking they’re second guessing their decision to follow a crazy person on unknown roads.  I slow down and give them time to catch up.  We finally turn into the church’s parking lot (which was on the left).  I wave to them.  They give me a “thumbs up” and a “thank you” and Tay & I are on our way. 

I told Tay we did our good deed for the day.  She says we did our good deed for the month! 

I sure hope they can find their way home!

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  1. jean permalink
    March 22, 2010 10:59 pm

    Oh my gosh, that is hilarious. I laughed my head off!!!!!!

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