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Where could it be?

April 21, 2010

I seemed to have lost my mind.  If you happen to find it please let me know.  Is this a sign of old age?  Is there more of this to come?  Is there a treatment for this?  An herb, maybe?

This morning I decided to start a load of towels washing before taking the kids to school.  Seems easy enough.  Except I can’t find the fabric softner.  I KNOW I bought fabric softner.  It’s not in the laundry room.  Where could it be? 

Brian says it’s probably with the sweeper bags.  I keep them in a great spot that I won’t forget.  I’d look there for the fabric softner but I’ve forgotten where that spot is. 

So, after my workout I ran into Target to grab some fabric softner.  If you smelled saw me in the store I apologize.  I had just worked out and well, you know…

Anyhoo…I grab the fabric softner and run home.  I wash the towels.  I remove the load of towels that was in the dryer and notice this:

Yep.  The fabric softner.  Totally forgot that I bought a replacement for the dryer.  You know, the cool kind that only need replaced every 2 months.  The kind you don’t have to worry about forgetting.  Yep.  That’s the one.  I guess in two months when that runs out I’ll be thankful I have this extra bottle from Target.  As long as I can find it at that time.

Now, where are those sweeper bags?

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  1. jean permalink
    April 21, 2010 3:03 pm

    I can sooo relate!!!! And hate to say, but it just gets worse.

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