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Not So Good Pancakes

April 26, 2010

Since I’m such a crazy awesome mom, I agreed to make pancakes for Nick this morning.  The boy loves him some pancakes.  Especially if they have chocolate chips inside and peanut butter on top.  Since I’m so crazy awesome, I even made my own chocolate chips by chopping up a giant candy kiss.  I was feeling like a pretty good mom as I served up a delicious plate of peanut butter, chocolate chip pancakes.  Nick was so thrilled with my efforts.  Until he took a bite.  You see, those pancakes looked mighty yummy from the outside but when he took a bite he got a big mouthful of dry pancake mix.  Oops!  He made it very clear that I should stir the batter a little more the next time.  Geesh…one cooking class at school and he thinks he’s the expert! 

Then tonight:

Brian mentions that some iced tea sounds good. 

I mention that a back rub sounds good.

Nick mentions that some pancakes that are mixed up right without dry flour inside sound good.  LOL!

Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow.

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