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Ear Infections & Perky People

May 18, 2010

Remember how Tay wasn’t feeling well yesterday?

You don’t?  Well, you should read my blog more often! :)

Anyhoo…Tay wasn’t feeling well yesterday and woke up this morning saying her ear hurt.  Hmmm….

I decided to keep her home and take her to the doctor.  She never complains of her ear hurting so I was sure something was up.  Sure enough she has an ear infection.  Poor thing has to take the “pink medicine” for ten days.  She’s thrilled.  NOT!

Since she’s feeling kinda crummy I decided to keep her home all day and let her rest.  On the way home from the doctor’s office we stopped at McD’s to get her a Happy Meal (and a salad for me).  The people working this morning were unusually pleasant (they were older people, not the moody teens you usually get — all the moody teens are still in school).

As we’re making our way through the drive thru:

Tay:  Boy, they’re all perky today.

Me:  What?  Don’t you like perky people?

Tay:  No.  They get on my nerves.

Were does she get this stuff?  Personally, I like perky people!  :)

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