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Heard Around the House: The Jacket

May 21, 2010

Nick loves to wear a jacket.  Strange, I know.  Most days the people at school have no idea what his shirt looks like because he wears a jacket all day long.  He even got his school picture taken in the jacket.  Oh well…

So this morning he reaches for his beloved jacket as he’s ready to walk out the door…

Me:  You don’t need your jacket today.

Nick:  But I like wearing my jacket.

Me:  But it’s warm out.  You don’t need it.

Nick:  Yes I do.

Me:  It’s too warm.  If you wear that jacket all day, you’ll stink.

Nick:  Picky.  Picky.  Picky.

Why is it that 14 year old boys don’t worry about how they smell?  They really should.

At least he remembered to wear deoderant today.

I know because the entire upstairs smelled like men’s deoderant!  Thanks Nick.  :)

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