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May 27, 2010

Remember when I went into a local nail place for a gift card and the little asian woman wanted to wax my eyebrows?

You don’t?  Well, you obviously haven’t been reading my blog long enough.  I’d link you to the post, but I don’t know how.

Anyhoo…I returned to that little nail place today for a mani & a pedi.  I rarely get a mani/pedi and in the past have gone to an upscale day spa for these services.  This place is nice but it’s not “upscale”.  It’s more like an assembly line of fingers & toes…

The minute you walk in the little asian woman who likes to wax eyebrows yells out, “Hi.  How you doing?  What you need today?”  Well when I happened to walk in she was WAY in the back of the store.  What’s a person to do?  Well I said “manicure & pedicure please” just loud enough for her to hear but not make a scene.  

Oh, who am I kidding?  Everyone heard it.

She told me to pick a color and sit in seat 7. 

Now, I’ve never been there before.  I did not know where to pick a color.  I did not know where seat 7 was. 

I eventually found my color and my seat and a darling young asian woman came over to begin the process of making my feet beautiful.

Okay, who am I kidding?  My feet will never be beautiful.  She at least made them presentable. 

She was sweet.  Well, I think she was.  She didn’t say much.  And the things she did say I couldn’t understand.  So I just answered “yes”.  Except when she pointed at something next to me and asked if I wanted it.  I said “no”.  The truth is, I don’t know if I wanted it or not.  The woman next to me said “no” when her guy asked her so I just copied what she was doing! 

Occasionally, the people working there would talk to each other in their native language (I’m not sure what that was).  I’m pretty sure the guy next to my girl was saying he was glad she got me cause he wouldn’t touch my rough feet with a 10 foot pole.  Well, that or they were discussing where they were going for lunch.  Like I said, I couldn’t understand a word.

After we got my feet all beautified presentable, we moved to the manicure station.  She asked if I wanted the same color (called “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”).  Nope, I’ll take a french manicure.

She got mostly done with the manicure and only had the polishing left to do.  At this point they ask you to pay so that you don’t have to deal with all of that when your nails are wet.  She then proceeded to polish slop paint all over my nails.  I’m getting concerned.  Did I not tip enough and now she’s punishing me?  I was sure this was going to be a disaster.  Whew, she pulled it out in the last minute with a french manicure method I had not seen before. 

She had me sit under the nail dryers for a few minutes.  I found out from the other ladies sitting there that I should stay for at least 10 minutes.  My girl never told me that.  Or maybe she did and I just didn’t understand her. 

When my time was up I went on my merry way. 

And messed up one of my nails the minute I got in the car!  Happens every time.

Oh, and no one asked to wax my eyebrows.

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