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My Friend D's Chevy Chase Vacation

July 5, 2010

One of my favorite friends – we’ll call her “D” to protect her privacy – left for vacation on Saturday with her family and her parents.  Their goal for the first day of their trip was to drive straight through to Georgia and make it in time to see fireworks that evening.  Things didn’t seem to go as planned….

Text #1 from D – 11:20 a.m.:

We are on a chevy chase vacation.  Hopefully we will at least make it to the fireworks.  My dad is chevy chase I swear.  Now we got off the highway to find a rock dad went down twenty years ago.  then he’s like, well we will just follow these cars up this mountain.  Seems like they know where they are going.  Ended up on a dead end road at a funeral.  One of the funeral directors had to lead us back out.  Now trying a different rd.  We ask where is it?  Oh it’s around here somewhere.  My moms about to kill him.

Text #2 from D – 2:32 p.m.:

Finally got down off the mountain.  Chevy got behind a car that had Florida plates – “we will follow them they will head south eventually”.  Now we are leaving walmart parking lot where we were stranded becuz all the transmission fluid ran out of the van.  Chevy fixed it up.  We are good to go for now.  Don’t see fireworks off the pier on the island in our future through.  All is good we got to slide down a big rock on *detour* mountain into freezing cold water with our regular clothes on.  Chevy pulls out a lifetime discount card that was in his wallet for the past twenty years – he got 50 cents off the dollar charge.  After taking turns changing into dry clothes in the car we r rolling along.

Text #3 from D – 2:34 p.m.:

We have all quit asking when we will be there.  The only answer we every get is “read my shirt”.  BTW it says – Grandpa says we will get there when we get there.

Text #4,5,& 6 from D – 3:20 p.m.:

Oh no we’ve stopped again.  (I text to ask what Chevy’s looking at now)  The engine.  He just asked mom if she has the title with her.  She’s like why?  He says “I may stop at a dealership and trade it in.”   (I text “Oh my word!”)  I couldn’t make this stuff up!

Text the next day from D – 8:34 a.m.:

We made it in time to see the fireworks.  Chevy finally decided to take a nap.  Then we took over the driving.  Up and enjoying the beach.

Thanks for the laugh D!  I hope you have a wonderful vacation and and uneventful trip home!

And in case you’re wondering (like Tay was), yes, I do have permission to post this on the blog!  D really should start her own.  I have a feeling her dad could provide lots of good stuff for her own blog!  LOL! :)

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  1. jean permalink
    July 5, 2010 11:13 pm

    Oh my gosh, this was hilirious!!! D should do a blog.

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