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End of School Year Awards

July 10, 2010

Yes, I’m aware it’s the middle of summer.  Yes, I’m aware school was out over a month ago.  It’s my blog and I’ll post late if I want to.  Guess I’ve been enjoying the summer so much that I’m way behind on blogging.  That or I couldn’t figure out how to get the pictures I needed to do this post.  I blame the computer.  Anyhoo…

The last day of school at Tay’s school is always awards day.  Here she is getting her awards:

She got a number of great awards.  If she looks a little surprised or confused in the picture it’s because she got an award for the speech meet that she wasn’t expecting.  Seeing as how she didn’t even compete in the speech meet.  The girl is good.

Tay was thrilled when I made her go along with me to Nick’s year end awards.  It takes quite a while to give out awards to 300 eighth graders.  Here’s Nick getting his award:

What?  You didn’t see him?  Neither did I.  I saw him walking up.  I saw him walking away.  I missed the exact minute he got the award from the principal because I was trying to take the picture.  I blame my camera.   Stupid camera. 

Both kids had a GREAT year at school.  I’m proud of both of you!  Way to go!

Now, on with summer!

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  1. jean permalink
    July 11, 2010 11:53 pm

    This was hilirious!!!

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