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Can I stay one more night?

July 27, 2010

Sunday night Nick went to spend the night at a friend’s house.  Here are the texts that have gone back and forth since then…

Sunday night:

Me:  Good night.  Love u.  Go brush ur teeth. (yes, he needs reminded)

Nick:  Night

Me:  Don’t 4get 2 brush.

Monday morning:

Me:  Let me know what time u need picked up

Me:  Hello?  What time should i pick u up?

Me (1:15 p.m.):  Uh dude?  Why aren’t u responding?

Nick:  Greg said six lol.  Haven’t talked to his mom.

Me:  Go ask her

Nick:  KK

Nick:  They wanna know i can sleep over again.  I didn’t change last night so i have clothes.

(THEY wanna know?)

(and why am I not surprised he didn’t change clothes?)

Me:  Seriously?

Nick:  they are ok with it.  It’s fun.  Please?

Me:  Are u sure his mom is okay with it or did u guys twist her arm?

Nick:  His mom is on a business call.  We asked his dad.  He says it’s fine

Me:  Wait & make sure both his parents approve & then text me back.  She may have plans & not want u to stay.

Nick:  They don’t.

Nick:  They said it was ok.

Nick:  His dad said it would be fine.  SHe will be on the phone for a while.

Me:  Ok, if he’s sure.  It’s fine with me.

Nick:  thanks

Me:  Ur welcome

Nick:  love you

(I’ve just earned mega “super mom” points!  First magic shell and now this…I’m unstoppable!)

Me:  Love u 2 bud

Me:  Take a shower brush teeth & put ur clean clothes on please. (no, he would not have done this on his own)

Nick:  KK


Me:  What time should i pick u up?

Nick:  Lol.  He asked his parents if i could stay another night.  I lol’d.  They said yes

Unfortunately for him, I said “no”.  I hope I didn’t just lose my “super cool mom” status. 

If I didn’t lose it for that I’m sure it’ll be gone when he gets home and is forced  to work on his summer reading.


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