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Dear Summer

August 3, 2010

**This post was edited after talking to the kids.  I forgot a couple of things on our “to do” list.  :)

Dear Summer,

Why must you fly by so quickly?  It seems as if you just started and now you’re almost gone.  We are not through with you yet!  Please consider slowing down just a bit.  And if you wouldn’t mind cooling down a bit too, that would be just great.

Your friends,

The Starrs

So far this summer:

  • we took a great beach vacation (which I still need to blog about)
  • the kids & I helped at VBS
  • we’ve gone bowling a few times
  • we’ve spent a few days at The Beach 
  • Nick went to drama camp (and sang a solo at the camp show!)
  • the kids spent the night at grandma & grandpa’s house — this is big for Tay as she hates to spend the night away from home!
  • spent 5 days without air conditioning
  • turned our hot tub into a “pool”
  • I hosted a fun jewelry party
  • Tay & I visited the Air Force Museum with some friends
  • we’ve done a lot of chillaxin’ :)

We still want to:

  • see “Ramona and Beezus” & “Eclipse” (just Nick & I will see Eclipse!)
  • visit Sugar Cupcakery – we had planned the quest for the perfect cupcake after discovering the show “Cupcake Wars” only to discover there are only two cupcake bakeries in this area.  Sugar Cupcakery was actually ON the show so we’ll be trying them out soon!  Maybe we’ll convice Brian to drive us downtown to the other bakery.  I hate driving downtown. 
  • go to a “dive-in” movie @ The Beach
  • swim at The Beach a few more times
  • bowl a few more times – thanks to the “Kids Bowl Free” program
  • go to a farmer’s market
  • eat lots of tomatoes (they’re finally turning red!)
  • meet Brian for lunch
  • get ice cream from “Whippy Dip”  or “Tucker’s”
  • visit Main Street Sweets in Mason
  • eat breakfast at McDonald’s
  • spend $500 at Game Stop (keep dreaming Nick!)
  • get a cell phone (one of these days Tay, one of these days…)

As you can see we’re not quite ready for summer to end!  We still have some fun things to do!!

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  1. jean permalink
    August 4, 2010 10:35 am

    What a fun summer, you better get busy to accomplish the rest of your list. Would have loved to have seen Nick at camp. That is great!! I don’t think I have seen cupcake wars, but have been watching a show called DC cupcakes, a place owned by 2 sisters. love you all.

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