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August 13, 2010

When Brian is tired he heads upstairs, turns on the t.v., brushes his teeth, hops into bed and falls asleep quickly.

When Tay is tired she heads upstairs, brushes her teeth, hops into bed, loves on the dog, says her prayers, checks her iPod, and goes to sleep.

When Nick is tired I tell Nick to go to bed, he begs for “one more show”, then goes upstairs, brushes teeth, hops into bed, checks his phone & iPod, listens to some music and then goes to sleep.

When I feel tired I…

  • decide I’m going to bed “early”
  • check my email
  • check facebook
  • chat with a friend on fb
  • chat with another friend on fb
  • chat with a third friend on fb
  • tell all friends I’m getting off fb
  • chat with the 2nd friend a while longer
  • trip over the dog
  • realize he hasn’t been out for a while
  • put the dog out for a minute
  • sit to watch 5 min. of one of my t.v. shows
  • hear the dog barking
  • go out to let the dog in
  • realize dog is at the back of the yard and still barking
  • “whisper” as loudly as possible trying to get the dogs attention
  • whistle for the dog
  • remember I can’t whistle
  • clap my hands and flash the outside light trying to get the dog’s attention (his hearing is going and it’s late so I can’t yell)
  • finally get the dog inside
  • check to make sure doors are locked and things are turned off
  • head upstairs
  • remember that I forgot my cell phone – and I’m using the alarm on it to get up early this week
  • head downstairs for cell phone
  • look in the living room, kitchen, and back room for my phone
  • remember that I left cell phone upstairs earlier
  • turn all the lights back off
  • head back upstairs
  • turn Tay’s lava lamp off
  • turn Brian’s office light off
  • brush teeth
  • set alarm
  • turn off t.v.
  • trip over the dog
  • crawl into bed
  • wonder why I can’t sleep

No wonder I’m so tired all the time!

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  1. jean permalink
    August 13, 2010 9:10 am

    The joys of Motherhood!!!

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