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Warning Light

August 17, 2010

As Tay and I were driving to the mall today I looked down and noticed a warning light was lit up.  It looked like this:

Now, I had NO idea what that could be so I had Tay get out the car’s manual and look it up.  As she was looking it up I noticed that my car was telling me “check tire pressure” and then “check left rear tire pressure”. 

What a smart car!  Thank you car.

Now, if it would tell me how to check the pressure, what the pressure should be, and how to correct the problem we’d be all set.

What it really should say is “Hey dummy, tell your husband to check the tire pressure”.  LOL!

So Tay and I went about our business, I noticed the light on the way home and then I totally forgot about it.  Which means I would have totally forgotten to tell Brian about it too.  Imagine my surprise when I opened up yahoo to check my email and yahoo news had an article about tire pressure with this picture:

Freakish, right? 

So now there’s no way I’ll forget to tell Brian now. 

And if I do he can find out when he reads my blog.  :)

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