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Everybody Makes Mistakes

October 9, 2010

A day or three ago, I noticed that my car was in need of gas.  I wasn’t running on fumes or anything but the little gage thingy was awfully close to “E”.  I knew I wasn’t going anywhere for a couple of days so I didn’t worry too much about it.  I’d fill up when I was out on Friday.

Everybody makes mistakes.  Everybody has those days. (if you know this song you can picture me singing it with movements — hopefully you’ll appreciate it more than my family does)

So, yesterday I ran out to get some lunch.  Again, I noticed that I was in need of gas.  Again, I decided that I’d get it later when Tay & I headed out shopping.

Everybody makes mistakes.  Everybody has those days.

After lunch Tay & I headed up to the outlet mall to get her some fall clothes (do t-shirts & capri sweatpants count as fall clothes?).  We had a great time. 

Last night we all piled into my car and headed out to dinner.  After dinner the guys needed to hit Home Depot for some things so Tay & I asked them to drop us off at Bridegwater Falls so we could get some things we needed.  As we were leaving the restaurant I remembered the gas situation.  Uh, oh.  At this point I knew someone was not going to be thrilled with me.

Everybody makes mistakes.  Everybody has those days.

So, I mention that we might need gas.  He checks the gas gage and is not amused.

This is where I break out in song & dance.

No one was amused. 

I was accused of always being on “E” when we all pile into my car.  That is so not true.

We headed to the gas station.

Still not amused. 

My car holds 17 gallons of gas. 

We bought 16.28 gallons of gas. 

Everybody makes mistakes.  Everybody has those days.

I tried to look on the bright side.  We could have gone at least 10 more miles, give or take. 

He was still not amused.

Hey, nobody’s perfect. 

But isn’t it better to laugh about it?

A little singing & dancing never hurts either.

*Note to my older  more mature readers… there are references to a Hannah Montana song you may not get.  Look it up.

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  1. jean permalink
    October 9, 2010 1:25 pm

    I used to let my gas get really low and Dad always said that he was not going to come and get me if I ran out!!! I am better(well, most of the time) about it now.

  2. October 19, 2010 7:03 pm

    I need to learn the song and dance!!! My family won’t be amused by it either, but that won’t stop me from singing it!

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