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Heard Around the House (or at the library & in the car)

October 21, 2010

Earlier today I took Tay to the library.  I LOVE the library.  As we’re walking in…

Tay:  You know, this is one place I’ll never go when I’m a grown up.  I hate this place.  I probably won’t even have a library card.

How can I get the child to like reading????

After the library we decided to hit “happy hour” at Sonic.  I knew our drinks would be less than $2 so I handed her a bunch of change and asked her to count it…

Tay:  Twenty-five, fifty, seventy-five, a dollar, a dollar twenty – five, a dollar fifty…. I can’t do this.  There’s over a dollar.  I’m not good with money.  I can’t save it and I can’t count it. 

And then discussing possible vacations & the Harry Potter exhibit at Universal…

Me:  When you’re older you might want to read those books.  They’re really good.

Tay:  Yeah, I like wizard books.  Not that I’ve ever actually read a wizard book.

Maybe you had to be there.  Sometimes the girl cracks me up!

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