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Science Lab

October 26, 2010

Tay had a science lab to do today.  It was a disaster!  I have to wonder if anyone even bothered testing a project consisting of sand and a hair dryer.  I mean really….did they honestly think the sand would stay in the container?  Surely they ended up with sand all over the testing area.  And in their eyes.  And hair.  And mouth.  And all over their clothes.  Geesh.  I would have taken pics to show you all but I couldn’t see through the sandstorm.

After the failed attempt at the project I asked Tay to help clean up.  I would tackle the sand (thankfully, we attempted the project in the garage) and she needed to put the supplies in the science drawer. 


Guess I’ll have to teach a lesson in putting things in the drawer.  But first I need to go brush the sand out of my teeth.

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