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Crazy Busy Day

October 30, 2010

Today was a crazy busy day.

Robotics practice for Nick…musical practice for Tay…play practice for Nick….Kidstuf practice for me.  Five trips back and forth to church.

Brian went to visit his grandpa in the hospital.  Long, fast trip there and back.  He was glad to see him but not glad to see how he was doing.  :(

Tonight I ran to the store, made some potato salad & blt dip, decorated a t-shirt for tomorrow, tried to work on my lines (LOTS of them this week!), and am working on laundry.  When my mother-in-law was here she said “you’re working on laundry this late?” when she saw me doing some late at night.  I told her I’m always working on laundry.  I’ll do it whenever!  I forgot to run the dishwaher last night and I forgot about it this morning.  So, I’m also running that now and will have to empty and reload before bed.  My kitchen is a mess!

Just sent everyone up to bed.  Hopefully I’ll be headed that way soon!  Gotta get rested up for another crazy busy day tomorrow.  :)

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