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November 13, 2010

A couple of weeks ago we discovered a couple of bees in our bedroom – actually I think Nick discovered them & killed them.  We didn’t think too much of it.  A few days later I killed a bee in there.  Strange.

A week ago I saw a news report on a family that had honey dripping from their walls.  A large bee hive was discovered in their walls and bees had been living there for years.  They thought they had gotten in due to a construction error when their house was built.  Their house was 10 years old.

A couple days after that I killed five bees in our bedroom.  Our bedroom that is in our 10 year old house.  I also began looking for honey. 

A couple days after that (if you’re keeping track we’re up to earlier this week, I think) I found a few more bees.  I remembered that we had noticed some bees swarming around the porch during the summer so I went outside to check things out (from a distance of course).  I could see where they were going up into the roof of our porch but I could not figure out how they were getting into the house.  I called Brian and told him about the situation and that we he needed to take a look at things that night.

Brian left work early so he could come home and see what was going on.  Unfortunately he got stuck in traffic that night and it took him two hours to get home!  It get’s dark so early that we had to head out to the porch with flashlights to check out the situation.  That’s what lead to this picture:

Nick helped by holding a light so I ran in to get a camera.  Nick says I know what’s important.  Hey, a good blogger is always prepared.

Anyhoo…Brian opened up a section of the porch room and didn’t see anything.  I directed him to move the ladder farther down and try again — cause I’m good at giving directions and he so appreciated my help.   Ha! 

So, he moves down farther and opens another section of roof and says the words I was not happy to hear.  OH. MY. WORD.  There was a huge, basketball sized bees nest right in the area under our bedroom window.  I was ready to call the exterminator!  Turns out we didn’t need one after all.  We just needed some gloves, hornet killer, and a large stick.  And a big bag & shop vac to clean up the mess.  Thankfully no one got stung and things were quickly taken care of!  Thanks Brian!!  He also sealed up the area he thoght they were using to get into our room.  I was really happy about that.  Especially since I saw a rather large spider heading in that direction!

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