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Best Dinner Ever

November 22, 2010

I love that we eat dinner together almost every night.  It’s a great time to catch up with each other and just enjoy our fun family.  Tonight both kids proclaimed that we had the “best dinner ever”.

Maybe it was the pot roast.  It was yummy.  But was it worthy of the title of “best dinner”?

Maybe it was the fabulous conversation.  We had an interesting talk on whether or not we are “normal”.  I really thought we were.  I may have changed my mind by the end of the meal though.

Maybe it was the “local honey” that I bought at a craft show.  Did you know local honey is supposed to help with your allergies?  It is.  You’re supposed to eat some each day.  I can’t get anyone here to eat it. 

Maybe it was the suggestion by one person at the table that he see if he could stuff three rolls into his mouth at the same time.

I hated to correct Brian in front of the kids but I had to tell him that wasn’t appropriate behavior at the dinner table.

LOL!  Sometimes I crack myself up.  :)

It was actually Nick who wanted to try this….and since we’re such cool parents we let him.  Actually, I let him.  Brian may have thought I lost my mind.  And I may have confirmed to him that we definitely aren’t normal.

Nick was successful and got tons of laughs.  Tay thought it looked like fun so she wanted to try it.

We’re so proud. 

And maybe it was the best dinner ever.  Or at least the most entertaining.

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