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December 10, 2010

A couple of days ago I was about to get onto my DFF (Disney Friend Forever) for not updating her blog.  I happened to go on there before sending her a note to find that she had updated AND had given herself the “bad blogger award” for not updating on a more regular basis.  Seems I could use that “award” myself lately.  The past couple of months I seem to have lost my groove.  I need to get back into a routine of sorts.  Not just for blogging but for other important things too.  Like grocery shopping.  I have had other things going on.  Important things.  Like cooking cleaning helping a group of angry birds seek revenge on the green pigs who have stolen their eggs.  I blame my friend Sarah.  Whatever you do, do NOT get that app.  You’ve been warned.

Anyhoo…a few days ago I realized just how important it is that I become more regular with my blog posts.  A fb comment left on my wall informed me that some of you “live for my blog”.  LOL!  I’m so sorry if I’ve left you sitting on the edge of your computer chairs waiting for a new update.  I promise to do better! 

Since I haven’t posted regularly since Thanksgiving I’ll fill you in on what’s been going on since then.

I already mentioned the angry birds.  I’ve been trying my best to assist them as they seek revenge on those nasty pigs.  Sometimes we’re successful.  Other times those mean pigs smile at our failures.  Some people in my family think I need to get a life.  Those same people need to look at the way they’re spending their time.  I’m just sayin’. 

The beginnning of December brings a couple of crazy busy weeks preparing for Christmas programs at church.  The first weekend in December is always the youth group Christmas play.  A group of these kids actually writes their play and they always do a great job.  This year’s play took place at the mall.  Nick played a mall cop and did a GREAT job.  Way to go Nick.

*Photo stolen borrowed from my friend Fantacy….since I washed my camera…and my back-up (old) camera konked out after one picture.  (is that how you spell “konked”?  I’m too tired to look it up!)

The second week of December is always the children’s Christmas musical.  This year they are doing “Back to the Manger”.  It’s a cute show with a “back to the future” type theme.  Tay is playing the part of Nora, a nerdy little inventor type.  Can’t wait to see her.  I get to be in the play this year too!  No, I’m NOT too old for a children’s musical!  Maybe I am…I got the part of “Grandma”! 

Hopefully once this weekend is over things will get back to “normal” around here (whatever that is!).  Christmas is coming soon and I need to get myself organized and finish up my shopping.

I better go get my costumes ready for dress rehearsal.  I had a dream last night that I forgot to take them with me and ended up wearing a rather festive turtleneck with these two characters all over it:

It was lovely!

Oh, and since it’s December 10, I want to wish my wonderful mother-in-law a very happy birthday!

Yes, I’m aware I should update that “Happy Birthday” picture.  I’ll take care of that right after I replace Taylor’s “8 year old” picture hanging on my living room wall!  :)

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