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Deck the Halls

December 18, 2010

Doesn’t the blog look festive?  When I talked to my dad yesterday, he said “What’s up with your blog?”.  Seems he thought he was in the wrong place.  Just thought I’d spruce the place up for the holidays.  I still want to rename the blog and come up with a theme to match.  Guess that’ll be on the list of goals for the new year.

Finished my Christmas shopping this morning…well, all but a couple of gift cards.  The morning hours were not crowded at all.  All the crazies came out after noon! 

I’ve been working on designing our Christmas card.  I always like to wait till the last possible minute to get them out.  Ha!  Seems not many people are doing cards this year.  Well, that or we’ve been cut from the lists!  You never know. 

I should probably look over my lines for Kidstuf and try to get some sleep.  But first I must fold laundry.  It never ends!

That’s all the time I have for now.  I’ll see ya next time!  (I always end the game portion of Kidstuf with something along those lines…trying it out as a blog ending.  LOL!).

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