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I Couldn't Believe What I Was Hearing

December 21, 2010

Yesterday was the first day of Christmas break.  Since I’m all about giving my kids a fun time away from school I decided we should take a trip to the dentist.  They were thrilled. 

Tay had decided that this would be the visit where she would not be nervous AND she would go first.  She managed to keep her nerves under control (even going to the xray room without me!) but changed her mind on the going first part.

Nick hopped into the chair and the girl took one look at his teeth and stopped her work.  She said “I have to tell you something”.

Uh, oh.  At this point I braced myself for a lecture on how he needed to work harder on keeping his teeth clean around the braces.

Imagine my complete surprise (and my almost falling out of my chair) when she said he has the cleanest mouth of any 14-year-old boy with braces that she works on.

Say what?

Nick promptly sat up, looked at me, and said “told ya so!”.

I quickly explained to him (and her) that the condition of his mouth was due to two years of constant nagging to brush those teeth (I even made him brush TWICE before going to the dentist yesterday).

You’re welcome Nick!

And on the second day of Christmas break we’re taking a trip to the orthodontist (again, I’m all about the fun!).  This is a very special appointment.  I’ll show you why later…

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