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Merry Christmas

December 25, 2010


We had a great day today with our parents and our grandmas.  The most hilarious moment of the day was when my grandma’s little dog, Sweetie, jumped into our pond!  Poor thing looked like a drowned rat.  Thankfully, Brian was there to save her.   He wasn’t real thrilled with performing CPR on a dog.  LOL!  Apparently the dog doesn’t see real well and when Brian called her to come in she  headed for the door not realizing the pond was even there.  She did seem to know that she was up on a little ledge though and took a flying leap into the pond.  Her head didn’t even go under and she was able to swim to the side so Brian could yank her out.  We had no idea she could even swim!  She won’t be allowed outside here or at my parent’s house unsupervised any longer.  No more winter swims for Sweetie.

Hope you all had a wonderful day full of family fun — and no wet dogs!  We have another celebration tomorrow and our last one on Monday!  I love celebrating for several days!  What fun!

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