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Daily Funnies

January 3, 2011

Yes, I know I already left a wonderful blog post today about the celebration of the drinking straw.  I’m sure you’ll be sad to know that my children refused to drink from their fun striped straws at dinner tonight (or is it supper?).  Brian (who hates straws – how have we stayed married so long?) humored me and used his.  Thanks Brian.  :)

There were a couple of funny things that happened today that I wanted to make sure to post before I forgot about them.

Heard Around the House:  Working Out

Tay:  I’m the only one in the family who works out.

Me:  I work out.

Tay (after giving me a long, serious look but resisting the urge to roll her eyes):  When?

Me:  Starting tonight. 

LOL!  Sometimes I crack myself up!


Heard on the Phone:  Customer Service 

(what happened when I called our dental insurance to ask a question)

Recorded Voice (RV from now on):  Thank you for calling.  Are you a member or a provider?  Say “member” or “provider”.

Me:  Member

RV:  I’m sorry.  I couldn’t hear you.  Are you a member or provider?

Me (a bit louder):  Mem-ber.

RV:  I would be happy to direct your call to the correct location but first I must find out if you’re a member or provider.

Me (a lot louder):  MEM-BER

RV:  Please say your member id number

Me:  (I say the number)

RV:  I’m sorry.  I could not hear you.  Please punch in the number using your keypad.

(I punch in the number).

RV:  Please tell me why you’re calling.  You might say, “I have a question about coverage” or “I’d like to check on a claim”.  Those are examples of what you might say.  Please tell me why you’re calling.

Me:  Oh, good grief.

RV:  I’m sorry.  I could not understand you.

I hang up and try to call again.

I go through all of the above with RV and finally get AC (actual person)

AC:  Are you a member or provider?

Me:  Member

AC:  I’m sorry, I can’t here you.

Oh, good grief.  Forgive me AC for hanging up on you.

At this point I hang up and decide to try to find my answer online.  I go through a long registration process only to be told it cannot process.

I decide to eat dinner and try again.

I reach RV yet again.  I’m finally able to verify that Tay is covered.  I already knew that but have a specific question about orthodontic coverage.  I’m trying the best I can to get to talk to AC again.

I’m transfered to AC.

A recorded voice comes on telling me the office is closed. 

Crazy recorded voice that’s driving me nuts, say what?

I give up and decide to let the dentist office deal with the insurance company.


I have another funny about our first night out exercising but it’ll have to wait (I know some of you don’t like the LONG blog posts).  Let’s just say, I may have lost my mind!  More to come later!

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  1. jean permalink
    January 3, 2011 11:01 pm

    And who does not like the long blog????? I love your blogs, all of them!!

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