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My New Exercise Program (alternate title: WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS I THINKING?)

January 5, 2011

One of my goals for the new year is to exercise on a regular basis.  Sunday morning during Kidstuf I had to agree to run a 5K (not just run it…lead it!).  Now we all know that what happens in Kidstuf is ACTING…well most of us know.  The kids don’t always realize that.  Seems some of them think I might actually be leading this 5K “fun run”  (is it legal to use the words “fun” and “run” in the same sentence?).  The very next morning a friend was talking on fb about training for a 5K.  She had a problem though.  The race she wants to run is in 11 weeks but her training program is much longer than that.  Being the helpful friend that I am I pointed her towards the “Couch to 5K” program that trains you for a 5K in only 9 weeks.  I know several people who have used this program (although I can only think of one who actually finished it and ran a race) and I even downloaded the app onto my iPod….and then quickly forgot about it.  Until this past Monday.  After the thing in Kidstuf and seeing my friend write about training, I decided I was gonna do it too!  And Brian was gonna do it with me….

At dinner that night I declared my intent to complete this program and informed Brian that he would be doing it with me.  We were gonna start right after dinner with “day 1”.  We were also gonna run outside.  In the cold.  So lace up your shoes and lets go.  Now, in case you’re not familiar with the program, here’s how it works.  Or at least how it worked for us on “day 1″…

1.  Decide you’re gonna do it and choose a friend or spouse to force into it with you.

2.  Change into exercise clothes.  Discover you have no long exercise pants.  Put on your capri pants.  You’ll soon be working up a sweat so that little bit of your let that’s exposed won’t be cold for long, even on a 35º day.

3.  Locate some headphones & grab your iPod.

4.  Discover your battery is dead on your iPod.  Decide to “share” your husband’s iPod…no one uses headphones but we’ll use the timer to tell us when to run or walk.

5.  Head outside.  Press play on the app.  Start walking.  Realize the timer isn’t working.  Stand in the cold for 15 minutes trying to figure out why the app isn’t working.

6.  Head back inside to get the app working.

7.  Check your iPod and realize it has a full charge.  Head back outside.

8.  Start walking.

9.  Realize your iPod battery is dead after all and will not assist you with day one of your training.

10.  Decide it’s cold and you’ll just take a short walk.  Decide to run part of the distance.

11.  Hyperventilate and remember that you’ve always hated running.

12.  Huff & puff all the way home.

13.  Remember you have a pie in the kitchen.

14.  Watch your husband head downstairs to complete “day 1” on the treadmill.

15.  Wrestle with the decision of using the treadmill, waiting till spring to train, or eating some pie.

16.  Happily head to the treadmill. Decide to do “day 1” only after your husband says, “so are you going down to the treadmill now?” (and you’re too embarrassed to say “no, I’m gonna have pie”).

17.  Sweat like you’ve never sweated before. 

18.  Catch your breath.

19.  Praise God that there is a “day of rest” between training days.

20.  Dread “day 2”.  (I bet some pie would make it all better).

Whew!  As you can see it’s quite a process.  And guess what?  Today is “day 2”.  So tonight I’ll be lacing up the old running shoes and hitting the pavement – or the treadmill.  Anyone want to join us for a 5K this spring?  We can celebrate afterwards.  I’ll bring the pie.

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