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5 – 10 – 15

January 19, 2011




How did that happen?

Nick turned 15 today!  Happy Birthday Nick!  We love you so much!!

And now, 15 things about Nick:

1  he’s very smart

2  he’s kind to others – often befriending someone that no one else will

3  he’s very stubborn – and sometimes we argue (I hate when we argue)

4  he’s very clever – often coming up with things that really make you think

5  he could live on chocolate chip waffles & peanut butter

6  if he ran out of waffles he could live on alfredo

7  his favorite Graeter’s ice cream is “Buckeye Blitz”

8  he still puts chocolate pudding on his mashed potatoes – something he started when he was young

9  he loves video games

10  he’s on a robotics team at school

11  he had perfect attendance for the first semester of this year – something we didn’t think would ever happen!

12  he loves little kids – and they love him (at church you can often find him surrounded by kids)

13  his favorite tv show (at the moment) is “Better With You”

14  he fights with his sister (but they secretly like each other)

15  when I asked him what he wanted me to put on this list – what he wanted people to know about him – he said “nothing”…because people are annoying…

(hmmm…what was that I wrote in #2?)

Happy Birthday Nick!  Hope this is your best year yet!! 

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  1. jean permalink
    January 19, 2011 11:15 pm

    I think Pop would agree with number 15 LOL

  2. Jackie permalink
    January 20, 2011 1:12 am

    He looks so grown up without his braces and his new hair cut! Happy Birthday Nick! Oh, and I know a certain 6 year old that loves Nick!

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