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Tuesday Ten

January 25, 2011

1.  I’ve gotten behind on my blogging.  I blame my iPad.  And snow days.  And “The Bachelor”.

2.  I made the mistake of watching the first episode of this season’s “The Bachelor”.   It’s a proven fact that if you watch the first episode you will watch the entire season.  Anyone else watching?  Thoughts?

3.  I made Nick his “once a year best cake in the world I have to have it for my birthday you gotta make it I only get it once a year it’s the best cake ever” birthday cake.  It’s a chocolate & peanut butter layered cake that he LOVES.  The rest of us aren’t too crazy about it.  I really don’t like it much at all.  I have no explanation for why I’ve had a piece every day since Sunday.

4.  Brian & I were both doing GREAT on the 5K training program we started.  And then my legs started hurting (shin splints, I think) and the treadmill started having problems.  We’re gonna join the Y.  We have to do it before next Monday to save $$ on the registration fee.

5.  Tay got spacers in today in preparation for her braces next week!  She did great.  They don’t have parents go back with the kids.  I’ve always gone back with them at doctor and dentist appointments.  Wasn’t sure how she’d feel about that but she did just fine. 

6.  Tay has been faithfully eating right and exercising (she even avoided the cake we all hate).  I love that she’s eating more fruit.  I’d really love it if she wouldn’t leave fruit peels all over the house.  :)

7.  I miss having a camera.  I’ve taken pics with my (very old) cell phone for an occasional fb update but I need a nice camera.  I think I’m going to ask for $$ for my birthday and hopefully have enough to get a nice camera.

8.  I had a dream about scrapbooking last night.  I haven’t scrapbooked in a LONG time.  Too long.  I think I’ll get myself orgainzed and work on some things.

9.  Brian & Nick are thrilled that their Packers are headed to the Super Bowl.  I just ordered Packers shirts for all of us to wear.  We’re looking forward to our annual party.  Steelers fans:  enter at your own risk.  LOL!

10.  I love text conversations with my DFF.  Some of our conversations just crack me up.  Earlier today we were talking texting (we’re cool like that) and she mentioned that my comments don’t show up on her blog.  I said I need to figure out why.  Her next text said “I know pop”.  LOL!  I have no idea what that means!  Crazy phone.  I told her you’d think her “smart” phone would be able to figure these things out.  I could understand if it was my “dumb” phone.  :)

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