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Saturday Seven

February 12, 2011

1.  This past week was long and emotional.  My Grandma passed away on Monday and we had her funeral yesterday.  It was the first time either of my kids had been to a funeral.  They both handled it well (and Tay says she NEVER wants to go to another one – I know just how she feels!).  I was so impressed by my cousins Mandie & Matt.  Mandie went to the funeral home the night before and did grandma’s hair & make up.  She made her look beautiful.  Matt joined with his pastor and did a very nice service for my grandma.  I was thinking back to some memories with her when I was a kid.  There were a couple of times I remember going to her house to stay.  Once she & my aunt (who lived with her) picked me up and took me to Carriage Hill Farm.  I think my grandma had a boyfriend with her at the time.  I remember stepping in horse poop that day.  Good times…good times.  I also remember having a bagel at their house.  Back then toasters didn’t have wide slots for bagels so they would slice them and lay them on top of the toaster to cook.  Needless to say I did not share those memories during the sharing time.  LOL! 

2.  When we got home from the funeral yesterday Nick’s tummy was upset.  We were sure it was something he ate.  Around 12:30 this morning we realized it was NOT something he ate but rather a bug of some sort.  Poor kid was so sick the whole night.

3.  Taylor got a thread from her shirt stuck in her braces today.  We still have no idea why her shirt was in her mouth.  Crazy girl!

4.  It’s official.  I’m chili-challenged.  I can NOT make a good pot of chili for anything.  Either that or we just really don’t like chili.  I’m not sure yet.

5.  Tay has beiber-fever.  The only cure is a trip to the movies to see his new movie.  We might try to cure that tomorrow. 

6.  I have a couple of videos I’ve been meaning to edit and post from our last youth group event.  I might try to do that tomorrow.  Stay tuned…

7.  I’m tired!  (Just thought you should know.  You’re welcome.)

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  1. jean permalink
    February 15, 2011 11:12 am

    Tay’s response is the way that everyone feels. Hope she knows that. Something that none of us want to do.

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