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Snow Tubing 2011

March 1, 2011

This past Saturday we took a group of teens from our church snow tubing.  It’s always one of my favorite events of the year.

Brian’s gotten good at taking pics…even when flying downhill!  We tried our best to make sure we got each kid in at least one picture.  When we got home and I was looking through them I found that we didn’t have any pictures of Nick actually tubing!  We had one of him waiting to tube and one of him at lunch time.  Oh well.  We have three years worth of tubing pictures and basically they all look the same!

I drove a group of 6th grade girls to and from the slopes.  Oh. My. Word.  Those girls have Bieber Fever like you wouldn’t believe.  They were singing JB songs at the top of their lungs before we even left the church parking lot!  I mentioned this to all the other drives (who all happened to be dads) and they were so jealous!  Ha!  Guess they didn’t have anyone with the fever in their cars.

One of the dads posted this on his fb status after the trip:

Just got back from snow tubing with the youth group. I drove 4 young teenage boys to/from the slopes and the conversations were cracking me up! Their conversation ranged from bowel movements, to video games, zombies,animated movie chicks and even jokes about the French military. Good Times!

Too funny!  Good times indeed!


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