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Friday Five

March 4, 2011

1.  Nick is spending the night at a friend’s house tonight.  Brian and I took Tay to the Y tonight to swim.  On the way home we almost ran over someone.  Why he/she (not sure) was walking right along side a busy road on a dark and rainy night – and wearing black! – is beyond me.  He/she got very lucky.  I was worried about him/her when we got home.  What if the next driver didn’t see him/her?   Peeps, do not walk along busy streets after dark on a rainy night.  And if you do, don’t wear black.  Wear white and cover yourself with blinking lights.  In other words, stay safe.

2.  Tay’s iPod isn’t working right.  Poor thing is SO upset over the whole thing.  She uses that thing all the time.  All.  The.  Time.  She’s saving up money for a laptop and has been tempted to go ahead and use some of that to get a new iPod.  I think she’s come up with a different plan.  She’s going to borrow my iPod for now and ask for nothing but money for her birthday & Christmas this year (girl likes to plan ahead!) in the hopes of having enough by Christmas for the computer and the iPod.  Brian still can’t figure out how she’s going to get enough for the computer by Christmas.  I tried to explain to him the concept of “positive thinking” and “the law of attraction”.  LOL!  It’s funny….but it seems to have worked for her in the past.

3.  I just ordered Tay a new swimsuit.  After coupons, store rewards, and a gift card it cost me $.34 (that’s 34 CENTS).  Woot!  Love a good deal (my mother will be so proud!  Ha!). 

4.  Tay has decided that she will no longer be pursuing a career in the education field.  She now plans on becoming a video editor.  She’s already researching schools offering degrees in “Film and Video Editing” and considering what career options may be available in the Cincinnati area.  I told ya the girl likes to plan ahead.  You’d think her brother would be the one talking about these types of life choices, seeing as how high school graduation will be here in a little over three years.  He’s more concerned at this point with the fact that we’re out of  frozen waffles.  Of course that is extremely important, since he does live on frozen waffles.  LOL!

(That just reminded me that I really am out of waffles.  When I thought about going to the store to get some I somehow remembered that I need to bake a cake tomorrow.  But that’s a blog for another day…)

5.  Remember how I told you about our tubing trip?  Every time we take a group tubing we remind them to dress appropriately for the weather….and that means SNOW.  And every time we take a group tubing we have kids in shoes like this:

Yes, those are purple canvas sneakers. 

It’s no surprise (to us at least!) that their feet are soaked by the end of the day.  Teenagers!  What are you gonna do with ’em?

5 1/2.  Did anyone notice that I’ve blogged every day this month so far?  I know!  I hope I’m not boring you.  LOL!  Have a great weekend.

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  1. jean permalink
    March 5, 2011 6:20 pm

    WooHoo on the swimsuit purchase. And you are sooo right, I am sooo proud!!!! And no, we are not bored with your posts. We love, love, love them.

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