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In the Middle of the Night

March 9, 2011

See this dog?

Cute, huh?  Some might even say sweet or precious.


Think again. 

He better wipe that smile right off his face after what he did last night.

It all started around 1:45 a.m.  I woke up and thought I heard the sound of paws walking on hardwood.  I listened for a minute and then thought I must have been mistaken.  I rolled over to go back to sleep when I heard him coming up the stairs.  He was panting and walking around the room which means he needs out.  I lay there for a few minutes deciding if I should pretend I’m sleeping and wait till Brian wakes up to take him out or if I should go ahead and get up.  Since Brian had been up with him the night before and had had a long day at work I drag myself out of bed and down the stairs.  It’s raining out.  Lovely.  I let him out for a few minutes and then return to let him back in.  I flip the light on & off a couple of time.  He’s losing his hearing so one of the kids discovered that they could flip the light off & on and he’d come to the door.  But this time  he didn’t. 

I thought maybe he went to the side of the sunroom and fell asleep so I knock on the window, flip the lights again, and wait…no dog.  I try to whistle & shout in a quiet voice….and no dog (not to mention I can’t whistle and shouting quietly doesn’t really work).  I kicked off my slippers and put on a pair of Brian’s shoes that were in the sunroom, grab a giant golf umbrella and a pink plastic flashlight and head outside.  I flash the light in all his normal spots…and still no dog.  I try the lights again…no dog.  I’m worried that somehow he got out of the yard and went to the front of the house and flipped on the porch light thinking he might be out there…no dog.  I picture myself roaming the neighborhood in my Sponge Bob pajamas at 2:00 a.m. looking for my lost, wet dog.  I go back outside again and look…and no dog.

What am I gonna do?  It’s the middle of the night.  It’s raining.  And I can’t find my dog!  I have a slight moment of panic.

I go upstairs and wake Brian up and tell him I can’t find the dog (I looked in the house first to make sure the dog wasn’t inside and this was all a bad dream.  It wasn’t).

Brian comes to the back with me.  I step outside and hear Shadow bark.  Brian whistles (thankfully one of us can whistle) and we see the dog moving way back in the yard (we have a big yard and it’s very dark out there so seeing a black dog is difficult).  He whistles again…no dog.  He then kicks off his slippers, puts on some shoes, grabs the big umbrella and pink flashlight and heads off into the great unknown to find the dog.

Is it wrong to say that I’m cracking up laughing as he walks out into the darkness.  If only I’d have had a camera with me. 

He’s gone for a few minutes and then I see him heading back to the house.  I still don’t see the dog at this point.  As he gets closer I hear him saying “come on, get in the house”, but I’m still not seeing the dog.  Finally I notice him trailing Brian.  He had been in the back of the yard eating a dead bird!  GROSS!

When the come into the sunroom I begin to scold the dog.  I ask Brian if he spanked him.  He says, “No.  I was holding an umbrella and a flashlight and cleaning up raw meat.”

Is it wrong to say that this cracked me up?

So, I scold the dog, Brian washes his hands and we all head back to bed. 

As I climbed into bed, I got to thinking about the whole event and started cracking up.  I was laughing so hard I thought I’d cry.  And I’m pretty sure I woke up one of the kids. 

I tell Brian that sometimes you just gotta laugh.

He said, “I’m laughing on the inside.”

Is it wrong to say that that comment made me laugh even more?!?! 

What a night!  We’re all tired today.  The sad thing is, the dog is the only one able to catch up on his sleep!

If he wants out tonight I’ll be the one pretending I’m asleep.  Just don’t tell Brian.

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  1. March 11, 2011 1:10 pm

    1) Kudos for Brian for getting up. I think several men would have left the dog out in the rain.

    2) LOL. I’m cracking up reading this.

    3)SpongeBob Jammies? *grin*

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