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Tuesday Ten

March 22, 2011

1.  I was informed last night (thank you Dad) that I was behind in my blogging.  I’m not sure where this last week went!  Is March really almost over?  Crazy how time flies.  I’ll try to do better.  I know some of you are on the edge of your seats waiting to see what exciting things are going on around here.  LOL!

2.  This past Saturday we had a fun night out.  First we ate at a mongolian grill.  Fun & yummy.  If you’ve never been to one you should go!  They have three “salad bar type” stations set up.  At the first one you pick the kinds of meat you’d like – that had many choices, from chicken to squid!  You can get one type or many.  Next you move on to the veggie bar and again have many choices.  The last station is a sauce bar where you get a little cup and put the kind of sauce you’d like.  I had pad thai.  Then you take your bowl of yumminess to the cooking grill.  The grill is a large round grill with several guys around it.  They use “swords” to cook up your food and are rather entertaining as well!  You know a restaurant is good if all four of us love it!  As we were waiting to get seated we saw several people leaving in these really cool hats.  We asked how you get one and the waiter said they were for birthdays.  We didn’t have anyone celebrating a birthday but he was nice enough to make one for Tay anyways. 

After dinner we wandered around the mall where we ran into Tay’s future husband.

3.  I’ve been hosting a book club at my house each Tuesday.  We’ve had a couple of weeks where half our group has had scheduling conflicts.  I end up cancelling things when that happens as it’s a really small group when half are missing.  Tay says I should just cancel the whole thing all together.  We’ll see…

4.  Tay’s counting down the days until Spring Break!  I changed her break so it matches up with Nick’s.  Hopefully the weather will be nice and we’ll find some fun things to do.

5.  Shadow had a vet’s appointment yesterday.  He has a growth above his eye that may need surgery.  The appointment was awful for him.  The doctor tried to get a sample of the growth and couldn’t get anything.  They had to muzzle him and he yelped in pain at one point.  He ended up bleeding all over me and then threw up afterwards from being so stressed.  Poor fellow.  Because of the location of the growth he’ll have to have a specialist do the surgery (if we go that route).  I think we’ll schedule an appointment just to get a second opinion.

6.  Tay’s on a closet cleaning rampage!  She has a nice, big walk-in closet and she’s attacking it!  She’s putting all the things she doesn’t want in our room.  She doesn’t want a LOT of things.  It’s gonna take me days ot go through it all.

7.  Our church is doing a “Focus 40” program with many other Church of God congregations across the country.  It’s a time of prayer and fasting leading up to Easter.  I decided to do a Daniel Fast (structured after a fast that Daniel did in the Bible).  It’s basically a vegan diet.  Everything is plant based and only water to drink.  I had a horrible headache the first few days but read that that is normal due to caffeine and sugar withdrawl.  I ran to the grocery to grab some things yesterday and as I drove past Sonic I really wanted a diet vanilla coke.  I LOVE Sonic diet vanilla cokes!  I didn’t have one but boy did I want one! 

8.  The kids want to know where we’re going on vacation this year.  I have no idea!  Suggestions?

9.  I’m still trying to figure out how to make myself get my workouts in.  I need to just pick a time and force myself to get down to the Y.  Taylor has been on a healthy eating/exercise kick and is doing GREAT!  I wish I had her motivation & determination!!  Keep up the great work Tay!

10.  I have to take Nick to the video game store after school today.  He pre-ordered two games and today is the big day.  He’s been talking about this day for a couple of weeks now. 

Happy Tuesday!  Hope you have a great day!

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  1. jean permalink
    March 22, 2011 3:45 pm

    Glad you are back to blogging. Poor Shadow. I think you should hire Tay as your trainer. She can set up your Y schedule. lol.

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