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The Answer is Always "C"…or is it "B"?

March 30, 2011

When we play games with multiple choice answers at Kidstuf the answer is always “C”.  We never told anyone this but after a few times they quickly figured it out.  It’s fun when new people are there and get chosen to play since they don’t know this little Kidstuf secret.  If they don’t know the answer they kids will help them out and yell out “C”…”C”…”C”… 

Nick had exams this week at school and when I picked him up today (they got out early) I asked how today’s exams went (he had German & Science).  He said there were a couple of science questions that were hard.  I asked if he made an educated guess.  He said yes, he picked “B”.  I reminded him that the correct answer is always “C”.  Ha!  The he says, “When in doubt, “B’s” the way out.”

I thought for a minute and told him, “If you don’t know, “C’s” the way to go!”  (I’m quick like that!  LOL!)

I hope he actually knew some of the answers to the test and didn’t just choose “B” for everything!

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